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EMDB, or Eric's Movie Data Base, is a very complete movie cataloguing tool
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EMDB, or Eric's Movie Data Base, is a very complete movie cataloguing tool. It is absolutely free and almost as complete as the best paid applications of this kind. You can add movies to your data base in a few different ways. The easiest way to catalog your DVD collection is to type the names of the movies that you want to add so that the application can search for information on IMDB.com. The program takes care of that automatically. It will download information such as IMDB rating, cast, genre, year, country, duration, director and an outline of the plot. You can input additional information like 3D format type, medium, etc.

What I loved about this application is that it lets you import movies to the database by reading a file or a folder full of files on your hard drive. This is great for users who have switched from DVDs to digital copies of movies. By simply reading the filename of a movie, the application can download information about it automatically, without user input. The process is a bit slow, especially when you have a lot of movies.

Once your movies are loaded, you will be able to see them in a virtual shelf, with their original front cover artwork. Additionally, you can see a list if you want to. Movies can be filtered by a variety of factors, which makes it easy for you to find a movie when your data base is large.

The only feature that I think this app should add is a way to use a webcam to scan the barcodes on the back of DVD cases. This would make it very easy for users to add movies without having to type.

José Fernández
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  • Nice interface.
  • It can scan files and folders to add movies to the database


  • No support for webcam barcode scanning
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